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Hello there. My name is Caitlin and I am a loft condo unit owner in Chicago. I purchased a warehouse conversion loft in the West Loop. The building I believe was originally a steel mill, then a paper mill, then in the 80s became condos. It is full of charm with exposed beams and bricks, but it also has not been updated since the 80s. The unit amazingly has original appliances from the conversion that is probably on its last legs.

My husband and I bought the unit with the intention of making the upgrades in the next few years while we live here. We do have some large challenges ahead of us (remodeling bathroom and the kitchen) but we also have some small challenges (he prefers matte black furniture while I prefer glossy white). We want to make all the changes on a budget and our eventual goal is to turn it into a rental property once we are ready to move to the suburbs. That also means we need to figure out a way to minimize the monthly payments on the unit to maximize cash flow.

This is our journal to document the progress. I hope you join us on this journey.




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