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Original Space — Bedroom

As I slowly begin the remodeling process, I wanted to share what the original space looks like. I will spend the next few days discussing the original space while I get ready to start sharing posts on how we begin to change the space to make it ours.

bedroom - 913 W Van Buren St APT 6G, Chicago, IL 60607

This is a picture of the bedroom that I found in the old MLS listing. You will see that the bed is situated funny. That is because the bedroom is a hexagon and, instead of putting the closet in the triangular corner, they placed the closet in the rectangular part of the bedroom. This has caused multiple issues.

  1. The bed area does not have enough space.  We currently have a full bed in the space and even then the space feels tight. We had two matching nightstands but could fit only one. If we get a future renter with a queen size (or, goodness, king size) bed, this will become an issue.
  2. Wasted space in the room. The space between the dresser and the closet cannot be utilized because anything not against the wall will block the pathway to the bed.
  3. Wasted space in the closet. The closet goes additional 1.5 feet past where the doors open. This is a wasted space because it is so difficult to see what clothes end up there. Even if I can “technically” access it, it is a complete waste of space.

Wow, have you noticed a theme? I apparently hate wasted spaces. I do believe that even with the space of only 1200 sq ft, with smart space utilization we can make the place feel big and roomy, which is our ultimate goal.

Below are some of the tasks we plan to tackle:

  1. Remove closet. We want this space empty so that the bed and nightstands can go here.
  2. Add closet system in the triangular corner. We are currently looking at Ikea’s PAX systems because it is cheaper than say California Closet but has enough customization we can add. We also hope to find a lot of the accessories, etc on Craigslist.
  3. Switch current doors to french doors. I will have to take a photo of the doors from the bedroom to share, but the current doorway is small and feels claustrophobic. I hope to switch it with french doors so that there is a flow between the bedroom and the livingroom and it will bring in more light into the bedroom.
  4. Replace the fan. It is not only ugly, the blades are starting to peel.
  5. Move the fan to the rectangular area of the bedroom. We want to be able to feel the breeze when we go to bed at night. This helps reduce the need to run the AC.
  6. Improve lighting. We have not decided whether we should go for a chandelier, a fan/light, or both.
  7. Paint the bedroom? I am not sure about this one.

As we cross items off the list, I will share our processes, lessons learned, and the cost. Currently we are not working with a specific budget but are trying to stick to a “cheap as possible without sacrificing quality” philosophy.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.


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