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Original Space — Living Room

Following the theme of the last post, here are the stock photo of the living room. Because it is a loft conversion, it is an open concept space, meaning that the living room flows into the dining area.

living room w/wood burning fireplace - 913 W Van Buren St APT 6G, Chicago, IL 60607

As you can see from this photo, the structural wooden beams are visible, as are the ceiling beams. The fire place is at an angle and has no mantel or surround. Although the ceiling light/fan looks ok here in the photo, a close up shows that it is really in a bad shape (the plastic parts from the fan blades are peeling) and look very… um… retro.

Behind the metal sheet you see is where I currently have my office set up. That area goes back another 4-5 feet, which gives me enough space for a desk and several shelves.

living room - 913 W Van Buren St APT 6G, Chicago, IL 60607

This is what the space looks like from the beginning of the office area. The grey door shown is the entrance to the apartment and the wooden door next to it is the coat closet. We have random sliver of exposed brick next to the fire place area. The brick here is in good condition so, although it looks somewhat out of place, it will remain there.

The can spotlights are not what I would have chosen myself but it is fine. I do need to move them around so that the lighting is more evenly disbursed and switch to LED lights (currently halogen) so that we limit the energy consumption. I want to possibly move the ceiling fan back more towards the back of the living room area and use the current wiring to install a chandelier.

In all, the space is a bit awkward with the angled fireplace, but this space does not have as much wasted space as the bedroom.  A lot of attention will need to be paid to furnishing as I want to maintain the openness of the space as much as possible.

Here is the list of tasks for the living room:

  1. Add a surround/mantel to the fireplace.
  2. Install TV mount above the mantel with necessary wiring for TV and cable.
  3. Replace all halogen lights with LED lights.
  4. Relocate/focus the spotlights.
  5. Install chandelier.

2 comments on “Original Space — Living Room

  1. Miesha
    December 21, 2012

    These pictures are so nice! It shows a lot of dignity and elegance, i am sure to pick this creative idea.

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