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Original Space — Office

As with the bedroom and the living room, we will now review the office area.

As mentioned before with the living room post, this space is connected to the living room and the dining room. It shares the long wall with the dining room area and is recessed about 4-5 feet from the living room space.

den/office or guest bedroom? - 913 W Van Buren St APT 6G, Chicago, IL 60607

As you can see, we are working with a lot of exposed brick, which I love. The shorter wall is in a fairly good shape with the same aging throughout. Unfortunately, the long wall is more splotchy. If you look at the far half of the painting, that square area looks like it had a window before that is now sealed. It also seems to have a finish on it so those bricks are bright red and shiny, while other bricks are more worn. The concrete mortar is also cracking. I’ve thought about tuckpointing but I do not believe that will address the splotchy uneven brick issue. At this point, I think the only answer is to paint the long wall.

Currently, I have a bookcase where the desk is in this photo and the desk is located about 4 feet away from that short wall, with the seat  facing the windows.  The amount of furniture I have in the area will most likely change depending on the furniture elsewhere.

Tasks for the office area are:

  1. Prime and paint the long wall
  2. Figure out minimal furniture necessary for a workable space

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